Obesity in America is an epidemic.  Controlling portion sizes seems to be a thing of the past. Reading labels is an unlearned science.  Quality nutrition plans are not discussed or embraced enough.  And, our fast-paced, lazy society is growing weaker.

vicious cycle of obesity

Our children are suffering. Us older folk! remember the days of learning to prepare and cook foods in the kitchen with our grandparents?  We grew our own veggies and fruits and ate them seasonally.

We are still consuming way too much processed, canned, boxed foods into our divinely created bodies and expecting them to not get sick and work properly.  Really?

cdc statistics           

GREAT BRITAIN. Sharing same obesity issues in kids as we are here in America. When did fast foods?  Processed foods?  Lack of school exercise programs begin?  Appears to be linked to obesity in children.

This subject of OBESITY is one I will be exploring more in upcoming blogs. Check out the videos and links provided and please use wisdom when caring for the beautiful body you’ve been given.  Till next time – THE ROAD TO GOOD HEALTH IS PAVED WITH CLEAN INTESTINES!

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