“Steps to Health” will be an ongoing series beginning with Steps to Health – Part One below. It is imperative the public be educated on finding reasons for “WHY” … why these symptoms in my body? why take supplements? why are there so many choices in supplements? why are these the right ones for me? and more will be expounded upon so stay tuned!

According to Dr. Bob Marshall, Ph.D., CCN, at Premier Research Labs (PRL), The 5-Steps to Great Health protocol helps to focus first on the recovery from chronic illness, then to proceed with the attainment and maintenance of optimal health and longevity.

Step 1: Restoring the body’s pH balance is essential, as almost all chronic illness takes place in a body that has become too acidic due to the gradual depletion of its mineral reserves. A more alkalizing natural diet along with quality PRL nutraceuticals, as well as addressing chronic infections and reducing levels of stress, are the main assets in shifting the body out of its over-acidic, disease-promoting state.


Step 2: Since chronic illness typically leads to hormonal exhaustion, it is important to identify and support any of the compromised endocrine glands. Hormonal deficiency can easily lead to a sleep dysregulation, mood swings, chronic fatigue, and literally any organ or gland dysfunction. Supporting the pituitary-hypothalamus axis along with the adrenals and reproductive system, for example, is essential for helping the body to shift out of its diseased state.


Step 3: It is sometimes life-saving to identify the toxic body burden and to help the body detoxify at its own comfortable pace. Such hidden time-bombs as heavy metal toxicity or environmental pollutant accumulation (including electro-magnetic and radioactive stress), can lead to the development of many chronically unresolved health issues. Starting with the main elimination organs, we can then progress with various kinds of detoxification protocols, including both deep intra-cellular and extra-cellular matrix detoxification.

toxic burden_aluminum

Step 4: This step lies in eliminating chronic (and very often hidden) infections such as viral, parasitic, dental or fungal, along with biofilm elimination. In general, parasitic microorganisms are highly symbiotic and opportunistic in their ability to invade a host. Most of the time it is the combined action of multiple infectious agents that undermine the immune system and make the body even more vulnerable to further invasion of the “unwanted guests”. Getting rid of the main infections allows the body to strengthen its own immune defenses and better maintain its sovereignty and balance.

QRA™ – Quantum Reflex Analysis [Muscle Testing | Kinesiology]
QRA™ is a unique, highly effective system that employs a muscle-testing technique of medically accepted reflex points to determine the bio-energetic status of your body’s key organs and glands. QRA™ uses your brain’s feedback mechanisms to identify your specific organs and systems that are functioning at less than optimal frequencies. This simple but profound method allows your body’s wisdom to inform what it needs to heal and allows the practitioner to pinpoint those areas that need to be supported, nourished, detoxified, energized, and rebalanced. By identifying the key imbalances within organs and glands, QRA™ pinpoints the specific nutritional supplements needed to restore, balance, and promote optimal health.
Specific targeted organs or your entire body will be tested.


Step 5: Finally, when all of the above steps are in the process of being successfully addressed, we can then progress with rejuvenating the body with high-energy, anti-aging, immune-boosting and DNA repair strategies such as an enzyme-rich live-food diet, antioxidant-bursting super-foods, quantum-state nutraceuticals, telomere-lengthening exercise programs, adequate rest and sleep, positive thinking, a rich spiritual life, supportive relationships, a sense of purpose and fulfillment in life – “isn’t it simple after all” – to achieve a better quality of life and the ultimate goal of longevity.

Stay tuned for Steps to Healing – Part Two