Thrive in Hope

January. A month most of us thrive in hope looking to the new year ahead.¬† The flip of a calendar and we automatically speak of resolutions involving weight loss, financial growth and other types of goal setting. Personally, I develop those plans all year long learning not to make promises my bottom can’t cover, so to speak ūüôā

My documented goals are first well-thought-through then, have accountability of some form attached by engaging a mentor or partner, with similar integrity. Common sense says we must “thrive in hope” so that the goals we set will be achieved or there’s little chance they will reach fruition. Writing things down is important for many reasons and is a wise choice. However, “life happens” and sometimes a curve ball is thrown our way.

Through the tribulations we face and roller coaster rides of life, it is possible to place oneself “in the eye of the the first stepstorm”. Interesting thing about raging storms, be it on the seas of the Cape I observed or in personal relationships, there is a calm place … dead center, of a storm known as “the eye”. Its not a long-term place to set up shop, rather a place which provides a quiet, peaceful, “blue sky period of time” to regroup.

At times life can become chaotic and overwhelming, and we feel like we are in the eye of the storm. When you are in the eye of the storm in your life, it is difficult to make decisions or know what to do. The storm is all around you and you can’t see or think clearly. Sometimes you just have to wait until the storm passes before trying to put your world back together again.

This is how it has felt to those who struggle with troubling health issues or have received a crushing medical diagnosis. I possess years of client case studies Рfrom constipation to stage 4 cancer Рdocumenting their journey. Each case depicts similar deficiencies, needed areas of growth and lifestyle changes demanding improvement before they can enjoy homeostasis resulting in health vitality.

life is better when u r thrivingIt is my desire to share a few stories of these healing journeys. These have had a particular impact on my life. All client stories point toward the undeniable need for each person desiring a health change to “thrive in hope“. Many have had a spiritual foundation of faith, but often lacked in hope. They all lost sight of the “picture” they needed to get through the storms of sickness and pressures that followed. They each needed an experienced alternative medicine professional to guide them through their journey, equip them with specific tools -someone who not only needed their trust but, also knew they would be trusted as well.

Each client entering this office is told I am a believer of the Lord Jesus Christ and believe the recorded promises in the Bible, which is my rulebook of choice. With that said, I believe in miracles, gifts of healings and God’s never ending mercy and grace. Clients are informed I will be praying for them, no matter what their faith. Over the years, strong relationships have been built on trust, open communication and compassion and no one has ever said, “please don’t pray for me”. I look forward to many more mutually beneficial relationships in 2017.

new-beginningHealing requires balance in Mind, Body and Soul. Therefore, all three areas must be addressed. So, first, people must have faith, be willing to look at/work on the root cause of their health challenge and be willing to change their lifestyle 100%,  if needed. Clearing emotional stumbling blocks and pragmatic bowel tissue cleansing therapy were imperative for every client. I called it FAT (Faithful РAvailable РTeachable)!

Those that are faithful in the little steps will be faithful in much of the protocol, that has been my experience, yielding the greatest results. Now let’s look at those who chose to “thrive in hope“, were faithful to the protocol their body needed and got the results of vitality!


Adam– 55 years old – 185lbs – father of three – professional sports coach – runner, weight lifter – limited meat, no alcohol, non-smoker – diet mostly vegetables, fruits, foods¬†without “whites” and¬†no boxes, cans or processed foods. During an annual check up he was devastated to learn his liver was full of poison. The image on the screen was terrifying.
– He presented with a medical diagnosis of Stage 3 liver cancer, no history in family. – He was willing to address every area of his life in a “natural way” – he refused radiation and chemo – he struggled with “why” as he had been healthy all his life, but soon let go of those unhealthy thoughts through spiritual counsel and emotional clearing. – we worked together on the basic “ladder to wellness” taught here; and we engaged other functional medicine doctors willing to work with us on cocktail drips. A path was put in front of him that was laid in the hope. I knew he would be healed and in less than 18 months he was given a clean bill of health.

cancer surviving with natural means

Karen – 48 years old – 146lbs – mother of three – retired nurse – fairly good diet but did like bread, occasional coffee and some chocolate, 3x/week exercise – unbalanced sleep regimen – light wine – non-smoker – happily married – no extraordinary stressors. After years of struggling with bowel bloat, hormone imbalance and migraines she fought depression.¬†Karen suffered from debilitating¬†migraines for over 25 years, which were so bad she’d be
in bed for days a time unable to care for her family.  She submitted to dozens of blood reports, doctor assessments and prior Naturopathic visits with little, to no results. My assessments revealed : Рyeast Рheavy metals Рsevere mineral deficiencies Рparasitic infestation Рadrenal fatigue.  She had pretty much given up from exhaustion and a lack of intimacy with her husband.

paths to choose from
A path was put in front of her that was laid in the hope. I knew she would be healed and in less than 24 months she regained her intimacy relationship with joy, slept eight hours without once awaking and urinating, NO migraines and regular bowel movements three times per day.

Stephen Р17 year old twin Рdigestive disorder and allergy issues since 8 months old Рhis twin did not share in these challenges- average height and weight. He was not breastfed, thought French fries was a vegetable and loved soda. He started drinking alcohol at 14 and by this time was an alcoholic and pot smoker on a daily basis. His acne was out of control all over his face, upper back and upper arms. He hit bottom when his friend was killed by a drunk driver, tried to commit suicide and was referred to my office by another teenager I had helped years prior.
A path was put in front of him that was laid in the hope. I knew he would be healed and in less than 18 months he had no signs of allergies, cleaned up his diet, going to AA regularly and plugged into a church support system that has made a huge positive impact on his life.  He also moved away from the area of people that had the negative influence on his life and is holding down a regular job and getting promotions for his outstanding accomplishments!  He would not have been able to enjoy the richness of these victories had he not decided to thrive in hope he could be healed and THRIVE!!! in all areas of life.

We all hear stories of healing miracles from time to time, but rarely do we see any real evidence. I have seen miracles over the last 30 years and know they are available to everyone. Lumps and tumors on a screen one day Рgone soon thereafter.  Suicidal tendencies evaporated.  Broken spinal cord Рrepaired without surgery.  Neurological diagnosis turned around 100% Рmore on that next time.healing_and_deliverance

I suggest we can draw the following conclusions.  There is good documented medical evidence of unusual recoveries after prayer for healing.  At times even the probability of natural remissions may seem remote, but the most believable explanation is surely these were indeed cases of divine healing.  And, sometimes we need the unwavering faith of another to help bridge the gap for our healing.

In many cases, people prayed for some time before the healing occurred in the physical realm. Other times, the walk in deliverance is immediate. Most often people need the education of the toxins they have floating in their body, EMFs they are drowning in and removal of negative influences in their lives. When those things are addressed, HOPE LIVES. Their faith and hope soars. We should be encouraged to pray when loved ones need healing. They may not walk in the victory of the healing they are seeking immediately, but it is possible that they may. NEVER GIVE UP HOPE. ALWAYS expect MIRACLES. NEVER cease praying with thanksgiving.


If I can help in any way to open a door, make it easier for you to regain strength, please know you will be given the tools needed to embark on your journey of vitality as you THRIVE IN HOPE.