Testimonial Carol 2016

March 2015 – We found this holistic wellness center through acquaintances dealing with pancreatic cancer as we are. Sadly, we have been taken advantage of from sea to sea but remained hopeful we’d be led to the best Naturopathic environments. We found that here. Robin’s vast knowledge and loving care of my husband’s situation brought tears to our eyes many times. We only wish we had found her sooner. In today’s litigious environment it is necessary and wise that holistic practitioner’s such as Renewed Health Associates protect themselves.  Here, we are free to discuss many modalities, get referrals and are “listened to”.  We truly adore this woman and have made a friend for life. Alex and Patty, Oregon
Quality Excellent  01/16/13
Today is my one year anniversary that I have been coming to this beautiful center. I am 50 pounds lighter and never felt healthier in my life. Robin not only guided me threw the whole process of colonics, but was able to recommend a healthy diet/lifestyle for me. I highly recommend coming to this center, as it is extremely clean and professional. The numerous types of equipment that are available, gives a person the most well rounded health benefits anywhere in Orange County. You will not be disppointed by this environment and the benefits you will receive. And check out the new VIP membership!  Kara, Laguna Hills
Photo of Riley B.  Laguna Niguel, CA    1/6/2013
Believe me, I was totally skeptical of anything relating to the colon.  But, after talking with my grandpa who is an expert on health, I decided on his recommendation to give Colon Care Institute a try.  A very nice lady named Robin owns the store.  She is full of nutritional info which sure was a nice touch.  Like cheese pizza is bad for you.  Who knew?
The entire process from start to finish was professional and highly educational.  Robin is very knowledgeable about the benefits of colon cleansing and a healthy lifestyle.  I had some intestinal pain and constipation.  Not only did I feel better as soon as my first treatment was over, I continued to feel better the week or two after!  I have unfortunately moved to Pasadena, but I will be taking a trip down to San Juan Capistrano once a month.  The feeling of relief and overall happiness is worth the trip.  Thanks to my Grandpa for the surprisingly great idea, and thanks to Robin at Colon Care Institute for making me feel great on the inside!

Overall Excellent  8/22/12
Miss Robin, what to say. AMAZING, ok the lady has a talent and is great. my first time going i was not worried at all and i was excited when i first talked with her and going to meet her i was thrilled. She made me comfortable and its clean and relaxing. She knows her stuff!! Very educational loved her!  Ryan – Anaheim Hills

Susan B.   Escondido, CA     4/20/2011

After using services of another therapist locally I heard of Colon Care Institute and wanted to check it out.  I am AMAZED at the difference in results!  Robin’s Lymphatic Drainage and herbal protocols have allowed my body to really open up and get REJUVENATED.  She is so knowledgeable of herbal and homeopathic remedies and an AWESOME colon therapist.  Sometimes you just don’t know what GOLDEN is till you check out others with similar service.  You will NOT be disappointed here!

Jennifer F.     Irvine, CA     3/6/2012

With a New Years resolution to get healthy, I decided a colon cleanse would be the best way to go.  Through my initial assesment with Robin, which included Iridology, she quickly discovered problems I have been suffering with for years.  She hit every nail on the head and explained she was as serious about getting me healthy as I was.
My first colonic went very well.  I was nervous, but Robin’s expertise and confidence put me at ease.  She is very intuitive; no ailment goes unnoticed under her watchful eye.  It’s been over a month since I have been under her supervision and my symptoms are clearing up.  Every session with her I leave feeling happier and super cleansed.  Robin is helping me get healthy in body, mind, and spirit, the right way.  I have peace of mind knowing my health is in the care of the Colon Whisperer.

 Overall Excellent  01/19/12
I had no clue what the heck I was looking for but, I have to say first of all….Robin is awesome! so I was going to call a few places to get a vibe where to go. Robin was the first phone call and right off the bat I loved her! She was funny, straight forward and knew her stuff! When I met her I was even more impressed, she was so warm and friendly. What prompted me to go was a Dr. had put me on my first cleanse and I got totally constipated so I figured colonics would be a good thing to do. Anyway SHE MADE ME FEEL TOTALLY COMFORTABLE and we laughed and laughed most of the time, she is quite funny!!! I felt total confidence with Robin and I will be going back for regular maintenance. I have referred her to many friends. I have 100% confidence in her and what I really liked was she walked me through everything that was going on so I learned so much from her. I also want to add how clean and comfortable her environment is. I really like her as a person, a friend and my colonic lady!!    Terry – Monarch Bay CA
Photo of L T.      Lisa  T.      Irvine, CA      9/21/2010

Ok raw foodies and peeps on a healthy path – this is THE colon therapy place to go to get the most professional and expert “tender loving” care – you and your colon will ever experience. Robin is known internationally, is an I-ACT Instructor level (yes she trains others on this!), has experience in multiple healing/assessment modalities, and uses the recommended gravity method – closed system. Yes, I was a newbie on my first visit – and she walked me thru the process step-by-step my first session – taking the fear away – and making it enjoyable (really!). She teaches you about the process, and what to look for if you go to other therapists. She gets/does the raw food, vegan thing as well – big plus…and educates/partners with physicians where they are open minded…if you are looking for a partner in health – please go see Robin, she’s amazing.


Professional health services found at Renewed Life Center – After many doctor visits, testing and research I finally found the health experts I so desperately sought.  I have suffered for many years with weird body rashes and body imbalances  — numerous antibiotics and medications assisted in keeping symptoms at bay, but never got to the root cause. My entire digestive system was impaired and I was quite frustrated.


The testing done here and the care for which I received has changed my life — nutritionally, physically and mentally.  Robin Varnet embraced my concerns as a man with dignity and under her care I have not only changed my entire nutritional plan for life, but got healed from years of suffering and anxiety.  Several months ago my body no longer responded to the pharmaceutical drugs and my body became a battlefield.  It was SEVERE, swolen and very painful. Robin understood what was going on inside of me and went above and beyond to help. She educates on how to hear body signals, things I ignored for years.  Her knowledge and concern grabbed me and kept me compliant. The testing done at Renewed Life Center is incredibly precise.  I am now empowered when choosing food and supplements.  Do yourself a great favor (for your family too!) and visit RLC that you may enjoy the same great health as I am!”  Mike


Guy to guy. I’ve thought about this procedure for many months but was too nervous and uncomfortable about the whole idea. I called around -then after speaking with CCI,    I made my appointment. It was a great experience. I made it alot worse in my head and don’t like the awkwardness of the insertion but the results here have truly changed my life for the best. The education, follow up and concern for my health has prompted changes I would have never done on my own.” Bob


“We were referred by MD and thrilled with our experience at CCI. Our daughter was diagnosed with cancer six months ago and we decided after months of nutritional and medical therapies that we would seek a reputable, certified colon therapist to ease her pain. Surprisingly, our MD had heard of Robin at CCI and was told of her results with cancer patients so he referred us to her. We LOVE her! Her knowledge is both deep and wide and she is an Instructor of Colon Hydrotherapy which eased our concerns. After spending an hour on the phone with us we made several appointments as she gets booked quickly. She treated our daughter with dignity, love and tenderness. Her treatment rooms are peaceful, warm and healing.”  Susan

“Colon Care Services has changed my life! I have suffered from constipation, IBS, heartburn for years. I reluctantly tried a colonic a few months ago. I was not thrilled with the idea but after feeling lousy for so long I figured, what have I got to lose. I am so glad I did! I felt amazing after just one session and trusted Robin’s advice to commit to the series of four after she explained how the colon works. I am now on a once a month “VIP” program and loving the nutritional program ~ coming here has completely changed my life. I am going to the bathroom daily now, I no longer have heartburn, I am getting the best sleep of my life, my skin has never looked better. The list goes on and on. If you have ever considered colonics, stop hesitating, and get one done. You won’t regret it!”  Stan


“Just wanted to lose weight and got an INCREDIBLE wealth of education here at CCI!  Marathons are more fun.  Better at tennis and awesome love life are just SOME of the benefits.  After trying a local ‘spa’, I was introduced to a therapist from CCI who was speaking on the importance of probiotics, enzymes and more.  I was blown away by the dimension of experience here. Lost 25lbs – keeping it off and going in monthly for my internal pool party (as I like to call it). Have never felt better and sleep great!!” Pat