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Evans Syndrome

Evans syndrome is a very rare autoimmune disorder in which the body makes antibodies that destroy the red blood cells, platelets and white blood cells. Affected individuals usually experience thrombocytopenia (too few platelets) and Coombs’ positive hemolytic anemia (premature destruction of red blood cells).  People with Evans syndrome may have low levels of all three types of blood […]

Hansen’s Disease

Hansen’s Disease is the modern day label for Leprosy.



Common Cold

What exactly is the common cold?

When I got sick I was given natural remedies such as:  castor oil packs, netty pot and high grade salt, Epsom salt baths, hot water bottles, local bee honey, blackstrap molasses, lemons, vitamin C without junk in it! and lots of other cool things that I would drink.



Obesity In Children

Obesity in America is an epidemic.  Controlling portion sizes seems to be a thing of the past. Reading labels is an unlearned science.  Quality nutrition plans are not discussed or embraced enough.  And, our fast-paced, lazy society is growing weaker.

Our children are suffering. Us older folk! remember the days of learning to prepare and cook foods […]


Autism is a developmental disorder that commonly appears in the first 3 years of life, and affects the brain’s normal development of social and communication skills.

Causes, incidence, and risk factors
Autism is a physical condition linked to abnormal biology and chemistry in the brain. The exact causes of these abnormalities remain unknown, but this is a very active area of research. There are probably a combination of factors that lead to autism. After spending several years working with autistic children, we observed similar patterns of poor diet, lack of whole nutrition from live foods, vaccination frequency and toxic overload while in the womb.  We all agree research needs to be continued on the origin of autism and its treatment. Herein are the opinions of many who have also studied, observed and continue to work with autistic children. […]

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