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Thrive in Hope

Thrive in Hope

January. A month most of us thrive in hope looking to the new year ahead.  The flip of a calendar and we automatically speak of resolutions involving weight loss, financial growth and other types of goal setting. Personally, I develop those plans all year long learning not to make promises my bottom […]

Steps to Health – Part One

“Steps to Health” will be an ongoing series beginning with Steps to Health – Part One below. It is imperative the public be educated on finding reasons for “WHY” … why these symptoms in my body? why take supplements? why are there so many choices in supplements? why are these the […]

Spring Cleansing

Its that time of year again when all the birdies and bugs start hatching. As a Master Herbalist it is imperative to embrace “seasonal cleansing” and this time of year its Spring Cleansing ~ time to rid the nest (body) of babies.  Not a pleasant subject for some, but oh, so needed!  Did you […]

Stress Reduction : What Can I do to help myself?

The word “stress” is used to describe the feelings and symptoms that people experience when the demands made on them are greater than their ability to cope. Stress has a variety of manifestations, ranging from physical to psychological and behavioral, and people may experience these to varying degrees. Modern life is full of […]

Thanksgiving 2013

Thanksgiving did not become a national holiday in the United States until the fall of 1863, when President Abraham Lincoln issued a proclamation declaring that the last Thursday in November would be a day of national thanksgiving.


While Lincoln issued the proclamation, credit for making Thanksgiving a national holiday should go to Sarah J. […]

Lymph Cleansing

The lymph system consists of lymph nodes, lymph vessels, and organs. The primary jobs of the lymphatic system are to isolate and fight infections, and to absorb excess fluid, fat and debris from our bodies. As these materials build up in the lymph system, it may become congested or blocked. Because the lymph system […]

Inner Light Interview

Had an awesome privilege of being interviewed by Dr. Iris Rosenfeld on Inner Light Radio last week.  We discussed alittle about my background, love of animals, the start of Renewed Life Wellness Center, the offerings of Colon Care Institute, just what is QRA? and more.

Our next show will be early summer so stay posted. […]

Fast Food

Fast Food Diet is Linked to Asthma
and Eczema Severity in Kids, Large Study Finds 
Eating three or more weekly servings of fast food is linked to severity of allergic asthma, eczema, and rhinitis among children in the developed world, indicates a large international study published online in the respiratory journal Thorax.
The findings prompt the authors […]

Resonance – Being of Frequency

Microwave frequency.  More and more we are seeing people suffering from strange symptoms such as:
– fertility issues   – breast cancer  – benign lumps  – skin rashes   – sleep issues
These situations appear to be linked to EMF’s (electro magnetic field) from the environment, cell phones, microwave ovens, etc.
There are over five billion mobile phone users on […]

Hand-Foot-and-Mouth Disease

Kids just recently went back to school and sadly, the sicknesses have already begun and are spreading quickly.  My friend’s 5-year old daughter came down with first symptoms of slight fever, one sore in mouth and alittle fatigued.  Next day, a mouth full of sores, buttocks with sores and several sleepless nights.  Here’s some […]

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