For many years we have partnered with Oncologists, Naturopaths and Alternative Wellness Centers in an effort to assist cancer patients in evacuation and hydration during chemotherapy, radiation and nutritional processes.  Colonoscopy with cancer polyp

Let’s face it, statistics show 1 out of 3 persons will get or know someone close to us who will get the news of test results showing cancer cells have awoken and need to be dealt with or death is inevitable.  We are here to tell you, THERE IS HOPE!

Attitude – keeping your heart and mind filled with positive and strong thoughts is key to weathering any storm. Cancer is no different.  Form and strengthen your support group. Seek those around you who will be there no matter what and strive to keep you in a mentally healthy place as you travel through this journey.

Care – Seek out both medical and alternative cancer treatments. Ask everyone you know who they know that has experienced a similar situation and make contact with their caregivers. Latch onto those who are experienced, knowledgeable and understanding of treating cancer patients, both medically and alternatively. Then, weigh the pros and cons of each person, center, facility with your support group before choosing which direction is best for your situation.

Nutrition – VITAL! to sustenance. Learn about what is good for YOUR body and eat those foods. AVOID foods that are known to irritate your digestive tract and are toxic to the human body.

ASK the practitioners in your path for referrals.  At our practice, we consistently emphasize, “KNOWLEDGE IS POWER”.  Read – Read – Read and seek out all information available on a desired subject that you may make wiser choices.