The Steamy Wonder sauna is an environmentally friendly system that is useful for anyone looking for the health benefits associated with a steam sauna without the chemicals normally associated with such environments. Some of these benefits include relief from joint pain and muscle soreness, improved circulation, reduced inflammation, and relief from allergies and asthma.

Aside from the health benefits reported by our clients, it also serves as a beauty aid with benefits such as weight loss due to detoxification, beautiful skin, and cellulite reduction.

Our system provides relaxation for everyone who experiences it. Clients lie comfortably on a soft massage table and have complete privacy under the steam canopy. Our system also allows the client to conveniently stay on the massage table between treatments or while the therapist applies the “Wrapless Wrap” products.  Thanks to our New Simple Steamy Wonder “Wrapless Wraps” clients can now forget those messy, uncomfortable, claustrophobic wraps of the past.

The warm, moist heat opens the pores allowing effective product penetration; sweating produces the ‘shrinkage’ effect that makes wrapping so popular. In other words, your jeans should be looser after a steam treatment! Mud and seaweed wraps can be given without any wrapping, increasing the comfort of the client, decreasing work for you.

“Nobody likes to be wrapped in hot blankets when they could be steamed. Claustrophobic clients really prefer our steam sauna as it´s not so restricting.

Why steam is better than wrapping –Dr. John Welbes, Director at the college of Massage Therapy in Omaha, Nebraska recommends steam baths in the treatment of cellulite, finding it superior to body wraps in raising tissue temperature. “Body wraps are very slow,” says Dr. Welbes, “it may take an hour to achieve the same temperature increase that you can get in about 10 minutes in a steam bath.” According to Dr. Welbes, the heat helps loosen the fatty tissue so that it is less solid and can more easily be broken down.

Potential Dangers to Wrapping:

The wraps and electric blankets that are commonly used to heat clients during a body wrap are often made of plastic. Plastic releases toxins when heated, which can then absorbed by the body, creating more toxicity. The blankets also create an electrical field effect which many people believe is not healthy.

Relaxation While Detoxing:

Some of the benefits associated with a steam sauna have been known for thousands of years ~ wet heat opens the pores of your skin to aid body detoxification.  A steam generator is used to create water vapor with humidity. The heat and humidity may bring health benefits ranging from aiding stress relief, to body cleansing, to soothing aching muscles or arthritis. Different research and user studies show the benefits of using a steam sauna are numerous and may aid your bodily health by:

  • rejuvenating, deep cleansing – hydrating the skin,
  • boosting your immune system and promoting antibody production,
  • relieving the discomfort of asthma, allergies and arthritis,
  • enhancing the respiratory system,
  • helping eliminate toxins,
  • reducing stress and the appearance of wrinkles,
  • relaxing and soothing mind & body,
  • relieving stress & relaxing muscles,
  • relieving throat irritation by moistening the air,
  • relaxing muscles and relieving coughing,
  • increasing body metabolism,
  • relieving inflammation and congestion of upper respiratory mucous membranes,
  • loosening secretions and stimulating the discharge of mucous from the throat and lungs (natural expectorant),
  • keeping mucous membranes from excessive drying,
  • helping in the treatment of cancer, and
  • aiding against cellulite.

Benefits of Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy, often used to benefit steam sessions is the use of essential oils, which are extracted from flowers, leaves, bark, wood, seeds, roots and peel, to promote a persons health and mood. These essential oils are absorbed into the bloodstream and metabolised in the body, resulting in many health benefits. Research studies and findings have shown that essential oils can assist in:

  • reducing tension and anxiety, caused by stress, insomnia, and other similar issues;
  • fighting against colds;
  • reducing fatigue and helping alleviate sleeplessness;
  • concentration, alertness and memory recall;
  • directly impact the olfactory system;
  • calming, relaxing and uplifting emotions.

Clients have shared their experiences and usage ideas as:

  • The skinny. Most of the time, essential oils should not be applied directly to the skin (unless diluted). Do a skin test by placing a dab of oil on a patch of skin. Wait 24 hours to ensure a reaction does not occur.
  • Bath time. This is a great way to remove yourself for a bit. I use essential oils in my nightly bathing ritual. Add 8-10 drops to the water, inhale, meditate and let go of stress. Some of my favorite essential oils to bathe in—lavender, Roman chamomile, frankincense, jasmine and grapefruit—are known throughout the holistic world for their relaxation properties. When I get done with a good workout, I like to use eucalyptus for its soothing effects on the muscles and joints.
  • Inhale. This is my favorite use of essential oils because you really get a chance to see how positively oils can affect your mood. The inhalation of different essential oils can help balance the body, mind and spirit. Add 5-10 drops of oil to a bowl of steaming water (not boiling) and put a towel over your head. Deeply inhale the vapors from the steam, repeating the process as necessary. I also put a few drops of my favorite oils on my pillow before I go to bed which helps with deep sleep.  Lavendar is a fave!
  • Humidifier. Add 5-10 drops to a room humidifier twice a day.
  • Compress. Compression is great way to apply essential oils to the body for relaxation, headaches, menstrual cramps, sore muscles, etc. Add 5-10 drops of essential oil (peppermint is recommended) to a small bowl of hot water. Dip the towel or washcloth, wring out the excess and compress the towel on affected area. Repeat as towel cools.
  • Create a massage blend. I love to massage with essential oils because it aids in the therapeutic aspects of the method. I make a lot of different blends based on a client’s needs. You can research the properties in various essential oils to create a mix that will be most effective for you.
  • Diffuse. I prefer diffusing essential oils, as heating or burning them can make the essential oil less effective. Diffusing disperses the oils in the air and you have a natural air purifier to fill your home. Diffusers also eliminate the need for harmful synthetic air fresheners.
  • Spray it on. I like to create spay bottles with my favorite essential oils and spray my linens, carpet and clothes. I actually clean my house with essential oil mixtures. They kill mold, bacteria, dust mites and unpleasant odors. I have one spray bottle made with Roman chamomile for bedtime and one made with frankincense for morning. My friends and family literally come to my house to relax.
  • Travel. I like to create my own space on an airplane with oils such as eucalyptus, lemon or bergamot.
  • Dryer sheets. Add a few of your favorite essential oils to a rag and put it in the dryer with your clothes and sheets. You will smell like your favorite essential oil all day.